We’ve Moved!

Hey there!

We have finally moved the Petable blog onto our domain.  It can now be accessed at http://www.mypetable.com/blog/.  Please click that link to go there now and update your bookmarks accordingly.  You will also be automatically redirected there in a few seconds.

Thanks for visiting the Petable blog!


New Point Item: The Fixed Magnet

Hey everyone!

The Trader Meter has hit 100%, which means it’s time for a new point item – the fixed magnet!  This is used just like like shine, glow, and special magnets, but will attract any eggs that are fixed.  Something like this was much-requested on the forums, and we thought it was a great idea, too!  This is now available for 5,000 points at our main store on the Petable sim just outside the door to the point item tent, and is non-transferable.

Congratulations to the five raffle winners, who have won a copy of the Fixed Magnet!  These lucky people are:

  • Lynx Firehawk
  • Michael Raleigh
  • Yxes Delacroix
  • Kaiylar Mint
  • Cidriel Landfall

The Trader Meter has been reset, and the next meter has begun.  Happy trading!

Huge Boxes of Food Now Available!

Hey everyone!

For a long time now, we have been getting requests to release a larger size of food than the box.  Before we moved over to the new food system, that was very problematic because of the issues the asset server has – we didn’t want people to put that much food into one object because of the possible asset server implications with that.  Once we had the new system in place, we wanted to make sure everything was working properly before we did this, but after the last few weeks going extremely smoothly for food purchases and use with the new system, we are ready to release the huge boxes of food!

These boxes hold 10 times as much food as our current boxes, which means that one huge box will feed 100 turtles for 28 days.  They are available at a discount over buying individual boxes, and come in both generic and hatchless varieties.  Huge boxes are now available both in the main food tent on the Petable sim, as well as through our affiliate vendors.  Multi-item vendors have automatically been updated.  If you would like to place out single-item affiliate vendors with these, those are now also available by getting a new affiliate vendor kit.

Today’s Show Results

Hey everyone!

We had 33 amazing entries for today’s show.  For the third time ever (in 31 shows), a turtle scored above 1,000 points!  Congratulations to the winners of today’s show:

  • Sexy As Shell 7 (owned by Ophelia Dighno) with 1003 points
  • lazy baby (owned by Cjyo Sygall) with 969 points
  • Moradita (owned by Brian Abeyante) with 952 points

These are such amazing scores!  For our next show (which will be in two weeks on Sunday, June 13th, at noon SLT), our target is the last of the “secondary” colors, and will be a bit more difficult than our other recent shows, in order to make the color prettier.  The target for show 32 is:

  • Body: (200, 200, 0)
  • Top Shell: (200, 200, 0)
  • Bottom Shell: (200, 200, 0)

Good luck breeding your turtles for yellow eggs!  Hope to see you all in two weeks.

New Trader Hint

Hey everyone!

The Trader Meter has gone just up above 50%, which means that it’s now time for a hint about the next item!  For once, though, we’re not going to tell you exactly what the item is in the hint.  This very special item will be somewhat like a few other items that are already available, but will focus on something different entirely.  In any case, it will be useful for people who like sorting their eggs in different ways.

This item will be revealed and released when the meter hits 100%, so keep on trading your turtles!

Brainstorming Project Xenon

Hey everyone!

As we said a few days ago, Grim and I are currently together in real life for the first time!  We’ve been enjoying it a lot, but are really having fun brainstorming face-to-face rather than just through IM or Skype.  We thought we’d share a bit of that with all of you: Project Xenon.

So what is Project Xenon?  We really can’t say much about it, but we decided to take a picture of my whiteboard (something that I’ve used for diagramming out many of the things you all know and love about turtles), censor out what we can’t publicly talk about yet, and put it here on the blog.  Enjoy!

If it’s still May 25th for you, happy Geek Pride Day!  Grim, MJ, and I are all three having a great time.  We’ll be sharing some pictures with all of you when we’re all back at home.  Have a great day!

World Turtle Day Celebrations Continue

Hey everyone!

Today, we are continuing our World Turtle Day celebrations by releasing three amazingly cute new permanent 7Seas fishing custom catches that Shelly has made for the show/fishing area on the Petable sim!  This series of three is the hot new band, “The Turkles”!  With every rare catch, you might just meet the vocalist.  If you’re lucky enough to get an ultra rare, you could catch the guitarist.  Most elusive, though (only because we have to reign him in from partying too much), is the drummer, who is a super-ultra-rare catch.

Like the circus series, these aren’t going away!  They are available starting now, though, so be sure to drop by and put your line in the lake.  Who knows, you might just catch all three!

World Turtle Day is Almost Here!

Hey everyone!

This Sunday, May 23rd is World Turtle Day.  This was first celebrated a few years back in order to remind people that turtles are an animal that needs to be very carefully protected and conserved.  Though we are all owners of virtual pet turtles, physical pet turtles in the “real world” have much sadder statistics.  Over 50% of all pets that are reptiles in the world are turtles of some kind.  Many of these are not properly cared for, and a large number actually die from mistreatment on the way to the pet shops where they are sold.  Thankfully, virtual turtle pets don’t have that issue.  We do strongly believe in the message behind World Turtle Day, and want to share it with all of you.

To kick off our World Turtle Day celebrations, we are releasing a series of three new specials that are bred by your very own turtles!  There are different levels of rarity for each of these.  In the spirit of conservation, everyone will receive one of the most common varieties automatically.  These will also be available from any pairings of your turtles.  The World Turtle Day turtle with the medium rarity is only available from non-special turtles.  Finally, the rarest kind is only available from non-special, non-shine, non-glow turtles, so I hope you have some of those ready to breed!

These will be available from your own turtles starting now through the end of the day on Sunday.  We also have another goodie in store for those of you who enjoy 7Seas Fishing to celebrate this holiday that will be coming tomorrow.

Coincidentally, Grim and I will be having our own little World Turtle Day celebration — in real life!  We are meeting for the first time after working together for almost 6 years in Second Life this Sunday.  Because of that, it may take a bit longer than normal for us to respond to the few kinds of support tickets that Shelly isn’t able to take care of.  We can’t wait to be able to sit down and brainstorm crazy new things for the turtles, though!

Downtime This Morning

Hey everyone,

This morning, we experienced about 40 minutes of unexpected downtime due to a server error.  This was not related at all to the problems that Second Life has been having for the past few days (and continues to have) or the problems that were corrected with the show registrar just a couple of days ago, but was entirely our fault.  This may have impacted your turtles in a few different ways.  The most common will be:

  • Eggs that were never laid.  If your turtle tried to lay eggs during these server issues, there is a chance that they were not laid at all.  Unfortunately, that means they also do not exist in our system, and there is nothing that we can do to replace them since they are not in our database
  • Eggs that were laid, but look completely white.  This is another possible scenario of what may have happened if your turtle tried to lay eggs.  These will show their true data in the HUD, but will not do anything else.
  • Issues with third party-created API devices.  Each turtle checks in with our API server every 12 hours.  For any turtles whose check-in time was during the 40 minute downtime, they will not currently work with any third party-created devices.
  • HUD errors.  These only occurred during the time our server had its issues, and will no longer impact anything.

Out of these four issues, one has already corrected itself (the HUD errors).  The API device issue will correct itself when the turtle or egg next checks in with our API server 12 hours after the downtime, or can be fixed manually by boxing and the turtle or egg in question (and then unboxing, as applicable).  The missing eggs, as stated above, cannot be replaced because they do not exist in our database.  Finally, the white eggs are a more complex situation.  Some of these can be replaced, but it is a manual and very time-consuming thing for us, so it is not something we can do for all eggs.  We would ask that for any non-special eggs, these be deleted.  If there is a certain egg or two that you would like us to try to recover that is completely white, please file a bug ticket through our system with as much information as possible (including a SLURL to where the white egg is – please make sure Grim Hathor,  Matthew Anthony, and Shelly Macchi can all get to the egg), and we will get to your request as soon as possible.

Because we do understand that this downtime was an inconvenience in a few different ways, we have decided to release a special “Glitch Turtle”.  This will be the next egg laid for all of you by your turtles.  It looks like most turtles, but there seem to be a few things wrong with it.  Please know, of course, that us releasing this in this case does not mean that we will always be releasing a special turtle because of issues, but Grim, Shelly, and I felt that this was enough of an inconvenience to warrant one.  We are very sorry that this happened, and will be doing everything we can to avoid issues like this in the future.

Trader Update

Hey everyone!

The Trader Meter has fully filled up, which as previously announced means that we are giving away a box of hatchless food to 10 lucky winners!  Congratulations to:

  • Alasia25 Bloch
  • Antoinette Fitzpatrick
  • Floyd Sack
  • CJyo Sygall
  • Brieanne Bomazi
  • Yxes Delacroix
  • Kyta Mistwallow
  • Biggn Blessed
  • Nola Hellershanks
  • Hiroku Kamachi

Congratulations to our 10 winners!  Your food has been put directly into your hatchless food total in our database (and thank goodness for that, with all the problems Second Life in general is having today).  The new Trader meter has begun, and this one is a regular meter that will bring out a new point item.  Happy trading!

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